Jalan - jalan buang duit...heheee...

16th July 2010

After class friday prayers kami keluar ke Jusco untuk Lunch Mcd. Planning sebelum keluar nak g mkn Mcd pastu nak teman cik ena g tukar baju kt jusco then g beli tikar getah. After settle sume urusan, kami plan untuk g Sutera Mall. Hoyyaaahhh..!!!!

Ena wit aksi nye di Mcd..hehee...
comel gituu...

kami pergi Fish Spa kat Sutera Mall...sgt geli!!!ikan ggt kaki kami b'3...

eee..byknye ikan kat kaki kami...geli2..!

after mmbersihkan kaki di Fish Spa, kami b'3 singgah di Secret Recipe..Mamam kek, ice cream Sundae Choco..nyum2..sdap!!

Sangat best dpt spent time together..luv the moment we had together..!!!♥

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse..♥

14th July 2010

Me and my friends when to see The Twilight Saga:Eclipse at Mbo Cinema U Mall, Skudai. The Movie was so so fabulous!! Love to see both of the heroes, Edward Cullen(Robert Thomas Pattinson) and Jacob Black(Taylor Daniel Lautner). Must see movie!! i suggested u all to see this movie. No regretion!♥
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Begin of New Semester..2010/2011..

11 July 2010

My journey to Utm wit my beloved family..

Feel so happy that they could spent time to sent me back to campus..

We ate lunch together and went for shopping for my stuff at Giant..

In the evening they left me at my college and went back home..

Luv u guys a lotS!!!

Meet my beloved friends...

Spent time chatting with them..

Feel really happy...

The Starting of new life..

Hoping for the best..!!
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