i'll be MisSing them..

My third semester at UTM, Skudai..
My Besties..♥

Location: Tesco Tebrau

Location: Mc D, Jusco Bukit Indah..

Location: Hutan Bandar..


Location: Ali Baba' Karaoke, Giant Tampoi..

Location: Dewan Sultan Iskandar, UTM..

a memorable moment that have been captured by us..
this is their 2nd last sem at utm, next sem will be their final sem..
they all will be living me alone here to continue my extra 1 sem..hoho..everytime i think bout it, i'll be sad..how i gonna live for 1 sem without them by my side..huhu..
who gonna acompany during lunch n dinner, wit whom am i going to enjoy, spent my time wit, laugh wit, sharing story, gossiping wit???huhu..without them im no one...
so sad rite?huhu..im hoping that they all will always remmber me eventho im far far away from them after they graduated n remmber all the moment that we shared together in happines and sadness time..
Luv u sO much gurls!!!
I'll be missing u all every now n then...

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