haPPy birTHdaY tO NaNa..♥

30th May has arrive..!!!
today is my birthday..hehee..
im getting older day by day...lalala♥

i gOt many wishes from my frens..♥
i'm happy that they all still remember my day...hehe..
but this year, there is no any kind of celebration..
as long people remember me, thats gud enough for me..
hoping that their wishes will b comin true..♥

im 23 years old tOday..
OMG.....im sOo Old!!! huh!
couldnt believe that time runs so fast like a machine gun...hahaha...
"when im going to marride haa??"hehe...asking myself..but its a lOng way tO go..
i has to finish my practical 1st..then my studies n then wOrking...saving mOney...
then finally thinking of marrying a charming guy..hehee....if theres any i guess..hahahaa...
hopefully god had made up one for me...amin..♥

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SaBaK BeRNaM------->>WeDDiNg sOLeH 'n' DiJaH...

im here!!♥

28 may....3.35pm i got in KTM train..arrive at Kuala Lumpur Sentral around 4.00pm..then i went to platform no 5 to Klang, to ena houz..my intention was to spent a nite there before going to dijah n soleh weedding the day after..

unfortunely, my day was so bad as the scheduled train arrived late from the actual schedule..around 4.25pm..as the train stop, i got into the ladies coach..it was so full that i was standing a while..but they announce that the train will be leaving KL Sentral after 15 minutes..so,the passenger whor standing are asked to get down from the train a relax at the bench provided..but no one get down but more n more people get into the train..wooo...

i was feeling so angry as the train waited for more than a hour then they asked all the passenger to get down from the train n search for an alternative transport due to powers supply breakdown at Putra and Angkasapuri station. KTM service to Pelabuhan Klang n Sentul were stopped for a while due to the breakdown...
i was alone and the time was around 6.00pm..then i walked into the Mc Donald, as my stomach was hungry...my frenn asked me to wait for a while...mybe aftr a while, the services will be back on schedule.

around 7.40pm i went to the KTM counter and asked whether the is yet available or not..the lady at the counter says it is available now but its a shuttle train and will be stopping at certain station only..then i called my fren n tell her..she asked me to stop at Subang Jaya's station..n i followed her advice...i arrive at the station aroun 8.20 pm...ena wit hers fren picked me up n we went to Sunway Pyramid..they went for dinner, i just followed them...after that we want to buy present for the bride..

around 12.00am we arrive at ena' s houz..that nite i couldnt sleep well maybe due to a new place..hehe...i got up 7.00am in the morning..we get ready n went for breakfast at hakim's restaurant at shah alam..then waited to my other frens to picked us there..

the journey to Sabak Bernam was so long n tiring..we arrive at the bride's houz around 1.30pm..i got to meet many of my ex classmates n coursemates after a long time..feel happy...hehe..then there was a photo session...the best part of all..hehe..after having lunch, we chats with each other bfore saying godbye to each other..the bride n groom was so lovely n pretty n handsome...wish them a happy married life!! ♥

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i've never wrOte up for a lOng time..did'nt get time n i almOst fOrget Of this blOg..hehee..

nOw im writing here after 4 weeks dOing my practical at Madetill Event Management Sdn Bhd that is lOcated at BalakOng..nearby tO my hOuse..this is my 1st time wOrking in my whOle life..i've never been wOrking befOre..hehee..sO, as the 1st day i started wOrked, i was feeling sO nervOus but i've made up..i enjOy wOrking here but sumtimes i feel sO tired..cOz lOt Of wOrk at Office...

everyOne here is kind tO me..they help me a lOt..n i've learn a lOt..i wOuld be missing thismOment after i finished my training here...nOw is lunch time but im in the Office..filling my time tO write all this up..cOz i,ve taken my breakfst at 10 am..nOt feeling hungry at all..wOrking hOur here is frOm 8.25 am until 6 pm..

i'll be finishing my training on 25th of jun..wOrking is great! this coming sunday, 30th may is my birthday..i would becoming 23rd years old...wahh...im becOming Older as the time pass by...hOpefully everyOne will alert n wish me..hehe..♥

by nOw,i've tO gO..i'll cOnt writing as i get my time n gOt sumthin interesting tO share here...

wit luv,

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