i've never wrOte up for a lOng time..did'nt get time n i almOst fOrget Of this blOg..hehee..

nOw im writing here after 4 weeks dOing my practical at Madetill Event Management Sdn Bhd that is lOcated at BalakOng..nearby tO my hOuse..this is my 1st time wOrking in my whOle life..i've never been wOrking befOre..hehee..sO, as the 1st day i started wOrked, i was feeling sO nervOus but i've made up..i enjOy wOrking here but sumtimes i feel sO tired..cOz lOt Of wOrk at Office...

everyOne here is kind tO me..they help me a lOt..n i've learn a lOt..i wOuld be missing thismOment after i finished my training here...nOw is lunch time but im in the Office..filling my time tO write all this up..cOz i,ve taken my breakfst at 10 am..nOt feeling hungry at all..wOrking hOur here is frOm 8.25 am until 6 pm..

i'll be finishing my training on 25th of jun..wOrking is great! this coming sunday, 30th may is my birthday..i would becoming 23rd years old...wahh...im becOming Older as the time pass by...hOpefully everyOne will alert n wish me..hehe..♥

by nOw,i've tO gO..i'll cOnt writing as i get my time n gOt sumthin interesting tO share here...

wit luv,

Happy Reading! Do comment yeah! ;)

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