I'm free like a bird! hoyeahh!

heyy!! been a long time i haven't update here.. i was too busy with my final exam.. 
the gud news is, i've finish with my exam n my studies! yeah! well done to me! hehe..
i just don't care about the grade anymore, i'm just happy because i've made to the end!

i want to specially thanks to one of my friends, Amir. all this while during the exam week, he had been helping me so much! i don't know how to repay him for his kindness..if u were not there, it won't be easy for me. thanks dude! i'll always remember u! may Allah bless u! :)

this is my beloved mum! miss her! 

as the examination had ended, i had plan to go back to my hometown on tuesday, i miss my family so damn much! especially my beloved mother! mummy, i miss u so much! wait for your daughter to come back home. but unfortunately, i have to come back to UTM end of this month to attend some short courses which is compulsory before i can graduate. so, that's all for now. after i go back home, i'll update more.. kbye!

Happy Reading! Do comment yeah! ;)