SaBaK BeRNaM------->>WeDDiNg sOLeH 'n' DiJaH...

im here!!♥

28 may....3.35pm i got in KTM train..arrive at Kuala Lumpur Sentral around 4.00pm..then i went to platform no 5 to Klang, to ena intention was to spent a nite there before going to dijah n soleh weedding the day after..

unfortunely, my day was so bad as the scheduled train arrived late from the actual schedule..around the train stop, i got into the ladies was so full that i was standing a while..but they announce that the train will be leaving KL Sentral after 15,the passenger whor standing are asked to get down from the train a relax at the bench provided..but no one get down but more n more people get into the train..wooo...

i was feeling so angry as the train waited for more than a hour then they asked all the passenger to get down from the train n search for an alternative transport due to powers supply breakdown at Putra and Angkasapuri station. KTM service to Pelabuhan Klang n Sentul were stopped for a while due to the breakdown...
i was alone and the time was around 6.00pm..then i walked into the Mc Donald, as my stomach was frenn asked me to wait for a while...mybe aftr a while, the services will be back on schedule.

around 7.40pm i went to the KTM counter and asked whether the is yet available or not..the lady at the counter says it is available now but its a shuttle train and will be stopping at certain station only..then i called my fren n tell her..she asked me to stop at Subang Jaya's station..n i followed her advice...i arrive at the station aroun 8.20 pm...ena wit hers fren picked me up n we went to Sunway Pyramid..they went for dinner, i just followed them...after that we want to buy present for the bride..

around 12.00am we arrive at ena' s houz..that nite i couldnt sleep well maybe due to a new place..hehe...i got up 7.00am in the morning..we get ready n went for breakfast at hakim's restaurant at shah alam..then waited to my other frens to picked us there..

the journey to Sabak Bernam was so long n tiring..we arrive at the bride's houz around 1.30pm..i got to meet many of my ex classmates n coursemates after a long time..feel happy...hehe..then there was a photo session...the best part of all..hehe..after having lunch, we chats with each other bfore saying godbye to each other..the bride n groom was so lovely n pretty n handsome...wish them a happy married life!! ♥

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