haPPy birTHdaY tO NaNa..♥

30th May has arrive..!!!
today is my birthday..hehee..
im getting older day by day...lalala♥

i gOt many wishes from my frens..♥
i'm happy that they all still remember my day...hehe..
but this year, there is no any kind of celebration..
as long people remember me, thats gud enough for me..
hoping that their wishes will b comin true..♥

im 23 years old tOday..
OMG.....im sOo Old!!! huh!
couldnt believe that time runs so fast like a machine gun...hahaha...
"when im going to marride haa??"hehe...asking myself..but its a lOng way tO go..
i has to finish my practical 1st..then my studies n then wOrking...saving mOney...
then finally thinking of marrying a charming guy..hehee....if theres any i guess..hahahaa...
hopefully god had made up one for me...amin..♥

Happy Reading! Do comment yeah! ;)

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