mood : B O R E D . . . .! ! !

im back again aftr so mny day didnt showed up..huhu...rite now im so n so bored..dont know what to do...felt so sleepy but cant sleep...its so noisy rumet n her frens r fnishing their assgnmnt..the due date is,they r awake till late to finish it..huhu...

tomorrow class is on 8 a.m in da morning...dont noe how i gonna wake im a bit happy coz d due date off all my assgnmnt hav been postponed by my lec till aftr d holiday...feel little bit of release...hehe..if not,im gonna die bcoz of thinking how to finish it..hehe...

d pic on d right side was taken by me bfore going to class this evening..hehe..."syok sndri" now,i hav learn how to wear shawl r given to my dearest fren,zarith...thanks to her....=)

Happy Reading! Do comment yeah! ;)

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