i love to attend wedding reception..hehe

on 29th of oct 2011, i were invited to one of my ex coursemate wedding reception held in JB..so, sgt excited lah nk attend wedding tuh..hehe..i love to see brides! thier cloths, make up n pelamin..wow! best sgt tgk org kawenkawen ni...i dont noe went my turn will actually come..lalala~
dh stop bebelbebel..lets see some of the photos taken during the ceremony..wheew~

ni la ex coursemate sy mse diploma n degree..
her husband pn ex student utm..dorg brcnte dr zaman diploma..so sweet kn?!
teman dorg pink biru..cntik!

pic ni sgt funny..i dont noe what actually makes me laugh in this pic..
sgt opposite wit my fren..die tgh bce doa mkn kot..hahaha..

the menu was delicious! nyum2*

 side view* this is among my utm n ex utm frens yg attend that reception..

front view* sgt gorgeous the bride!!

ok..done! thats all for now..later i'll update..nk study ni..ad test this tuesday n its 4 chapters! huhu..n on that day i'll b going back home..yippie! (*_^)

p/s: to ryna, later i'll answer ur tagging..rite now xleh pk..haha..but sure i will later..:P

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rina said...

chantekk ;)

NaNa said...

nmpk ceria je kn color cmtu? hehe

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