UTM 47th Convocation Ceremony

This post is simply dedicated to my beloved frenz which just had their graduation on 26th of September 2011..

Congrats all my dear frenz..u guys r0cks! yeay! it's hard to find frenz which will share your happiness and sadness together2..hehe..I hope the next step u guys takes will lead u all to success in ur life's..

Here is some pictures for u all..i'll always miss our memory here in UTM..the place which bring us closer..

 this is  pija, my beloved ex rumet, yg sgt besh!! adore her! 

this is my beloved fren, ena..she is like a mother to me..hehe..

 sofia, fiza, kasthury n pija
they are so lovely frenz of mine..

 pija, intan, dhia n fiza..
the prettiest among the prettiest..hehe.. 

 diba, pija, ena n fiza..

 the three pretty women which can't be separated..haha..always together.

 my cute little rumet! love her! no one can be a lovely rumet such as her!
  pija n zarith, my best fren ever..haha.. 

 Pija n fiza = akk n adek..

 me wit fiza..the nottiest among all of my frenz..haha.

the best among the best!! they deserve it!

since they all leave UTM, i've been lovely..huhu..miss them! miss the moments we spent together chit chatting, watching movie, eating, dating..i wish they all get the best in thier life's and be blessed by Allah in whateva they do..amin..

thats all for now..will update more soon..assalam..(^_*)

Happy Reading! Do comment yeah! ;)


Anonymous said...

Alaaa rumet, u make me miss u more! sob3...even kter da jarang jumpe, tp knangan kter bsame sntse mekar di hati sy..love u rumet! muasshhh!!

yanieyeap said...
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nur said...

Friends are the precious gifts kan.. Membuatkan rindu pd kwn2 ni..

NaNa said...

Pija: miss u so damn much!

nur: so true! :)

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