1st time kne tag! (sory late..:P)

hi there! ni 1st time sy kne tag..cm agk blur2 n amek mse yg lme tu jwb..thanks to ryna sbb tag sy ye!

there are some rules.. ;)

1) must post this rules.
2) post 11 things about themselves in their post.
3) answer the question that those tagger set for you.
4) have to choose 11 people to tagged them in their post.
5) don't forget to go their page and tell them.
6) no tag back!
7) no stuff in the tagging section that "YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU ARE READING THIS" YOU LEGITIMATELY (a.k.a Really trust with all honesty) have tagged 11 people.

11 things about Mizz NaNa♥ :

 Nur Syazana
♥ 24 thn
♥ asl KL
♥ first child among 5 siblings
♥ i love myself, my family and my friends
♥ love eating and cooking!
♥ too easily cry and hate liars!
♥ love to watch muvies
♥ like to go shopping
a funny person sometimes..hehe
ske cuti-cuti malaysia

questions from ryna :

favorite question u like to ask people?
wtpe tu?haha
favorite color?
black, purple, turquoise
things that u love to do?
ske borak2,gossip2..
things that u hate the most?
i hate liars!
penah kne cheated takk?
byk kali..huh
sumber inspiration?
my family..coz i love them damn much!
is it money important to you? y?
yes! coz i like to shops 
suke iphone ke blackberry?
of cos la blackberry coz i own it..haha
interesting place that you love to go?
ske pg pantai..the scenery is awesome during sunset
kenangan paling manis dlm hidup?
being love by someone
pendapat tentang my belog?
belog awk comel cm awk n pnh jd sumber inspirasi sy..hehe

question from me:

 siapa org yg paling penting dalam hdup awak selain family?
 awak pandai masak tak? ape yg awk pndai masak?
 latest song yg awak suke dengar?
 kenapa awak ske berblogging?any important reason?
 penah tak awk kehilangan org yg paling awk syg dlm hdup?
 klau bf awk tpu awak?adakah awak akn maafkan die?
 penah tak awk kene ragut?ape reaksi anda ketika itu?
 klau awk dgr kawan awk kutuk awk, ape yg awak akn bt?hehe
 jenama laptop ape yg awk ske?adakah awk memiliki nya?
 awak suke mkn fastfood?fav awak ape?
 apa pendapat awak tntg sy dan blog sy?

huh! penatnye pk soalan..hehe..
jom tgk spe kne tagged! sy men pilih je ni..:)
zarith imanul aisyah afrinie syasyajohan iena nadirah
syasya una superwoman tyha mya

p/s: kepada yang kene tag ni xde paksaan tau tp if korg2 jwb means i'll be more happy..hehe..:)

Happy Reading! Do comment yeah! ;)


Superwoman said...

heheh :DD. Bangga lah jugak orang tag >,<

NaNa said...

hehe! ske2! :)

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